A Cloud Passing Over Cairo                                                                                                            
The Office Gallery, Nicosia, CY                                                                                                                    

...accepting my invitation, each artist adds his own creation, in order to complete a work by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, that is part of T. A. Gkekas – The Office Collection. The polyptych is titled “The Prestige of Terror”, a series dedicated to a text by the Egyptian surrealist George Henein, that was conceived as a reaction to the atomic bombing in Japan. “The Prestige of Terror” consists of sixteen pieces on weathered paper that reminds us of posters in an urban landscape. Broomberg & Chanarin, through pithy sentences written in English and in Arabic, try to condemn violence and educe positivity, following the path of the Egyptian surrealist.

Phanos Kyriacou’s contribution to the show, will be a new sculpture, an old sculpture and a stop-motion video. 
All three works reassess the relation between information, object and society.