Through the use of the sculptural and the filmic, Phanos Kyriacou’s practice involves the setting up of encounters that restructure commonsensical ideations of the relations between objects, information and society. Embracing paradox, the histories of the ad-hoc and the exceptions on which the exemplary rests, he often collaborates with local Cypriot craftsmen in order to elaborate a materialism of alternatives. His interest lies in utilising both the urban and the exhibition space as sites of antagonistic flows, where rapturous rearrangements of signs create surfaces of urgency. Using the fragment as a tactical ally, his sculptures often host found and made objects. Kyriacou exhaustingly carries over the (ar)rhythmic congeniality of fragments into taxonomies that energise a semiotics of (g)hosting, visually translating moments that elicit the potentiality of inbetweenness.
Born in Nicosia (1977), Cyprus  
Lives  and works in Nicosia