basic room                                                                                                                                                                       
4ROOMS project, La Società delle Api, Kastellorizo / 2022

few words

i am an islander, just like the room I chose to design in Kastellorizo -the closest island to my island

the sun in my part of the world is ruthless, the soil dry, and the scrublands an extension of the sea: an earthy palette was unavoidable

my mother recalls still sleeping in a tubular iron high bed, even after her engagement in the mid-seventies

my aunts live next to each other and share the same rectangular display cabinet, made by two different carpenters 

memories and stories of objects I grew up with furnish the room 

vernacular furniture designs are reinterpreted and infused with sculptural elements

sometimes, materials become the objects themselves

in the countryside, the round polished fiberglass porch tables reflect the moon;
I'm working around that too