The Adventures: 39-42

39. Levelling brick, 04:51                                                                                                           
40. Rusk hanger, 01:47 “Our old friend, the yucca plant, produced another set of offsets before the temperature got too high. We missed the chance to remove them when they were very small so a hacksaw may be needed to separate them from the main tree now. They are incredibly resilient; remove them from the tree and put them straight into a pot and they will start to grow. They will even cope with being put straight into the ground with no other care. They will grow in the poorest soil with no additional feeding and only minimal watering. In Aradippou a friend gifted us half a dozen offsets; within two years they’d grown to four feet tall and were producing offsets of their own. To be honest, anyone with a yucca here is always looking for someone with a new garden who needs fast growing plants”.  From ‘Aradippou Tales - A Life in Cyprus’ blog. 
41. Wheel driver 01, 02:13 
42. Trapped bodies, 00:46                                                                                                                            