Something feasible                                                                                                                   
Terra Mediterranea, In Crisis
NIMAC  4 . 7 – 30 . 12. 2012
Curated by Yiannis Toumazis

Phanos Kyriacou is a bricoleur of objects and ideas, a conscious urban ‘pirate’ seeking to activate an almost utopian web of mutual understanding and participation. For this exhibition he creates three identical installations entitled consisting of a ‘street lamp’ and five incorporated chair that their top, made in a traditional Cypriot wicker technique.

These installations, under the title Something feasible, have been placed in three public spaces around the city selected by the artist. As the artist explains: “Yona Friedman has spoken extensively on the concept of “feasible utopias”: these are local utopias which are diametrically opposed to the idea of an established global utopia. This genre of utopia is based on communication between people and places, through the participation of the former in the design and implementation of the material and social structure of the latter. With this idea in mind, I proposed the design of urban lighting and seats, to be installed in different parts of the city. Conceptually, it’s about a place of social-political commentary and reaction to our space and time. On a practical level, the invasion of a new autonomous element in the urban environment differentiates urban planning and creates a- historically and aesthetically- detached landmark, capable of operating as a core of probability, encounter and communication.  in addition, at the courtyard of the Old Powerhouse, the artist creates a peculiar “bicycle stand”, like a circular wrought iron trellis for jasmine plants (like the ones that used to adorn the urban gardens of Nicosia) as an open invitation to the inhabitants of the city to come to the exhibition with their bicycles, providing both access and parking space.