People also ask [...] at                                                                                                                                     
rehearsal, Nicosia / 14 December 2022 - 14 December 2023                                                     
Curated by Marina Christodoulidou

As part of the rehearsal residency programme, Phanos Kyriacou presents the installation People also ask […]. With People also ask […] the artist transforms the facade of the space, departing from a series of found questions in connection to the notion of rehearsal. With this installation, consisting of a lightbox, a letterbox and an aluminium branch, Kyriacou proposes a configuration of affection where design and crafting are reimagined. The installation parts also embark on memory as a tool for their formation to evoke behaviours and feelings which are mediated through personal or collective encounters at rehearsal space. The façade installation will be on view at rehearsal for 365 days. Besides, a temporary indoor environment is suggested via found, borrowed, and made objects staging an installation anew around the work Directing Mum. In the video, the artist’s mother,  rehearses her signature cheesecake recipe for an audio recording that took place in December of 2019.

How do you ask short questions?

Why do birds sit on aluminium branches?

What is the function of a Letter Host?