Leftovers and Doubles
Famagusta Gate, 9.12 - 16.12.2014                                                  

Leftovers and Doubles are two projects that experiment with the production logic of the machine.

In Leftovers, found Thassos marble scrap pieces created by chance hack the system and enter the production line as protagonists. Through the process of (re)producing designless objects, the aesthetics of reality and chance are played off against the abilities of technology and the machine. In the process of rendering and milling using the same type of marble, the leftovers loose their scrapness and their level of detail; they become themselves in disguise while reentering the economy as ‘legit’ reproducible and valuable objects.

The video projection Body is a filmic documentation of the choreography of the machine while producing a Leftover piece.

In Doubles, the machine entertains the idea of reproducing parts of itself. This conceptual hack is an experiment that aimed at forcing the machine to reduce its abilities. Six milling cutters set out to sculpt marble versions of themselves, each one by itself. Since they usually collaborate to produce something perfect, the process of milling alone yielded close but never exact, perfect replicas. The failure of the tool to reproduce itself, somewhat humanises this robotic supermachine, while it renders fragments of it visible.