scrap poetry

illuminated scene

concrete wood

Fusiform Gyrus                                                                                                                       
Group exhibition curated by Raimundas Malašauskas
Lisson Gallery 12.7 – 7.9. 2013

‘At first I thought it was about food. Fussy politics or lint cake baked in Greek week. We are all in greet week, are we not? Goods baked in no goods. But certainly multiplications. Certainly it was moving; I saw it, a usi-ff-form, from the corner of my eye. Which eye?’ – the poet Uljana Wolf dispatches from the left of the gallery floor. 
Ruffs Orgy I Sum and Frigs Fumy Sour stand next to her. The first sounds like birds in Buenos Aires and the second moves like a trail of light. They have more in common than being anagrams of this group exhibition of sculpture: their properties belong to many different orders of life, including their own selves, yet their favourite mode of being is moving through those orders. ‘Group’ stands for the totality of the senses, ‘sculpture’ dreams of plasticity at large. This sensual plasticity applies to time, subjectivity, the body, and also to the face.

The idea of a face that exceeds its portrait and disappears into its moving parts is key. The title of each work is an anagram of the title of the exhibition, ‘Fusiform Gyrus’, which is the name of a particular area of the brain: the lobe that neuroscientists attribute with facial recognition facilities. Thus each work is a cognitive and spatial version of the exhibition itself (and vice versa). After this exhibition is over, the titles may mutate or change in their significance.