Temporary Museum | Between a Woman and a Mountain                                        
City Plaza Shopping Centre, Nicosia / 2013    

A temporary museum-installation created in a shop at a forgotten shopping centre, down town Nicosia, hosting a selection of paintings by Cypriot artists coming from a private collection, dating from the late 20's to the present.
During the selection process I set some restrictions, in order to eliminate, as far Ι could, any knowledge I might had of the cultural and historical value of the paintings. The artists' names remained unknown to me during the selection process, and the only visual contact I had with the paintings was through low- resolution reference images. The paintings in the T.M. are divided in three sections (figurative, landscape, abstract) each section taking up a wall, and installed according to their communicated information and in relation to a group of found objects strategically scattered on the floor (the palm tree trunk also works as a bench). The blue-green light bathing the space unifies everything and creates an ambience of wholeness, but at the same time an inescapable feeling of distance as was concepualized by Rebecca Solnit in her essay “The Blue of Distance”.